The Baierl Ice Complex is located outside of Pittsburgh in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. It was opened officially in 2007, but the practice of bringing ice to the area began as early as 1911. That’s right, some people have been playing hockey here since before you were born! The complex features six ice surfaces with one that is a skating oval and another that is a similar-sized half-ice half-pitch. There is also a full court for basketball and other sports. If you love hockey, or just want to experience it all the way from the outer reaches of suburbia, check out the Baierl Ice Complex!


The Baierl Ice Complex is located just off of I-79 and Route 22. If you are driving, the directions are easy to follow: take I-79 to the Warrendale exit, go south on Rte 22 for about a mile until you hit Main Street, turn right onto Main Street and follow it until you get to Baierl Ave., turn left onto Baierl Ave., and then make another left where the parking lot begins. If you are taking public transportation, take the Port Authority Bus #75 from Market Square in Downtown Pittsburgh to East Warrendale. It takes about ten minutes from Market Square before getting off at the East Warrendale stop. The complex is a few blocks down from there.


If you haven’t seen a professional game before, or you just want to try something new, the Pick-Up Game is the place to be. It’s open to anyone and there are games going on all the time. A typical game can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and a half. They also provide pickup hockey balls and sticks so you don’t need anything else other than your skates and hockey stick. To play in the Pick-Up Games, make sure you have your own skates and hockey stick. If you don’t have those items (or if they are too old), then stick around for the daily equipment check out time which is held at 1:00pm. If you’re new to ice sports, check out the Learn-to-Play sessions that happen throughout each day of operation. These sessions are designed for those who want a refresher course on how to skate or pick up a hockey stick.


One of the best things about coming to the Baierl Ice Complex is that it is easy to find food nearby. You can grab some snacks, fill up your water bottle, or buy some hot chocolate from the concession stand before you even get on the ice. But if you want a full dinner before you play, there are plenty of options. If you happen to be really hungry and have been looking for an excuse to eat dinner before getting on the ice, order a pizza from Pizza Hut! It’s only $7.99 for two medium pizzas and they deliver right to the complex. Another good option would be Subway! It’s only $6.99 for any sandwich and you can get iced tea with that too! What’s better than pizza or Subway? You guessed it: ice cream! If you are craving something sweet after dinner, stop by Gelati Celesti in Robinson Township or Sugar Crafters in Cranberry Township and pick up a small bowl of ice cream to share with your friends while you are out on the ice.


The Baierl Ice Complex houses a hockey museum that depicts the history of hockey in Western Pennsylvania. You can also check out the viewing platform, which offers an amazing view of the ice and surrounding area. Be sure to dress warm!


The Baierl Ice Complex is located in Warrendale, PA. The complex has great ice rinks and is a great place to skate, practice and play pick-up games. If you’re hungry after all of that, go to the Pro Shop for a snack or meal. The Pro Shop also has a few items for sale that you can pick up before or after your visit. There are also many other great things near the Baierl Ice Complex that you should check out, like the museum and viewing platform. A fantastic read

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