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Shopping Cart

Next to door dings, shopping carts cause the most parking lot damage for sure.  They can do a lot of damage depending on how much momentum they gain before coming into contact with your car or truck.  When these things happen, many times insurance companies will push their clients towards a body shop for repair. 

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Insurance Claim

We get this question almost every day.  “Do you take insurance?”  We sure do! depending on the cost of your repair, and your deductible, you can decide whether to pay out of pocket or go through your insurance company.  We are here to help either way.  We can provide you with an accurate estimate of

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Garbage Can

Garbage cans can do a lot of damage to a car, truck, or SUV!  If the wind catches it just right and blows it (or the lid) into one of your car panels (fender, door, quarter panel) Maybe your garbage truck driver put your garbage can down in a different spot, and you backed into

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Door Dings

Door dings happen all the time, but we here at Dent Repair Now understand that when it happens to you, that is a whole other problem!!  Whether it was caused by another car in a parking lot that did not leave a note, your kids jumping out of the car parked in the garage banging

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So, you’ve got a dent in your car, truck, or SUV that is unsightly and driving you crazy. Did you come out of a shop and find someone had opened their car door into yours?  Maybe a rogue grocery cart found its way to your fender.  Did the neighborhood kids lose a basketball right into

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Deer Hit

If you live in SWPA, you’ve definitely seen that we have a deer population issue by all the carcasses on the roadside. You’ve either seen a deer get hit, almost hit a deer, or had a deer run into you!!  (Maybe all three).  With that, deer can really do a lot of damage to a

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Car bumpers are one of the most common areas of a vehicle that sustain damage in the event of an accident or a minor collision. While traditional body repair methods may involve replacing or repainting the entire bumper, paintless dent repair (PDR) has emerged over the last decade or so as a popular alternative.  Let’s

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Does the Size of a Dent Matter When Talking about Paintless Dent Repair in Pittsburgh, PA?

When our customers call us or fill out a form from our website to get an estimate to repair damage on their vehicles, once we know the year and model, and where the dent is, we need to know the size of the damaged area.  Does size matter?  Yes……and no.  Let me explain.  Size matters

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