Car Vandalism Dent Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

In this video we repair a Chevrolet Malibu that was vandalized.  Our customer came out of a store to find this large damage on his car.  The damage looked like someone kicked both panels and left creases and large dents on the edge of both driver side doors.  There were several things that made for a difficult repair.  First the damage on both doors went nearly to the edge of the panel, anytime that we have to repair damage near the edge it is significantly more difficult and sometimes impossible.  Next was the fact that the front glass wasn\’t your typical single pane tempered glass, on a lot of newer cars the manufacturers are starting to use a laminated glass. Laminated glass is exactly what its name implies, 2 pieces of glass laminated to a soft rubbery type center. This glass is much quieter, and away from the edge of the pane much stronger, it also will not shatter and crumble like standard tempered glass, however the edges of the glass are extremely fragile and prone to breakage. That means that we aren\’t able to gain access to the door through the window opening without removing the glass.  We had to disassemble the front door to be able to repair this damage.  We think the repair came out wonderfully and the customer was extremely happy.

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