In this article we will talk about whether you need an appointment or  can you just stop in our shop located in Robinson, for an estimate or repair. As a rule of thumb, we schedule all repairs and there are a few reasons for that.  First and foremost, we need to be sure we have enough  technicians to accomplish the repairs scheduled for that day.  We are a smaller business with 4 technicians.  More often than not, 2 of our techs are working a scheduled route that involves dealerships and body shops that are serviced weekly.  When time allows, we add retail repairs to their route if they are located within the location radius of that particular day.

The other two technicians rotate at the shop.  We try to always have a technician or someone who can provide an estimate at the shop.  However, there are times when they get called away to repair an emergency for a dealership or body shop.It is rare that this happens, but every time it does, it seems a customer will stop by for an estimate, and we truly hate to disappoint. Also  So while you don’t necessarily need an appointment to stop in for an estimate, we do recommend calling first (724)-554-1756 so you don’t waste a trip!  Also, by calling first, we can get your information, (name, phone number) and set you up in the system for our technicians.  Then we can get some information on your vehicle and the damage you have.  It will save you and the technician time so he can immediately address your concerns and give you the estimate.

If you stop in for an estimate, and the schedule allows, there are times when we can repair your vehicle the same day.  Cancelations, and slow periods allow us to do this.  Other times, when we are really busy and our schedule is booked up, it may be 2 weeks before we can get you on the schedule. If your damage was caused by a hail storm, then we do prefer that you schedule an appointment for us to assess the damage.  Processing hail on your car which covers multiple panels takes much more time than a door ding estimate.  Most estimates take only a few minutes maybe 10 or 15 tops.  A hail estimate can take 45 minutes or so.  We want you to schedule this for a couple reasons.  One, we don’t want a currently waiting customer to have to be at the shop longer because we stopped working on his repair, to give you an estimate that would take 45 minutes.  Also, we don’t want you to have to wait while we repair other cars to assess yours.  We want to give each of our clients the attention they deserve, so that we are thorough in our estimates, and preparing you for what to expect.

To that point, we do schedule all repairs.  Again, depending on time needed for a repair, space for both vehicles and customers are all components  to consider when scheduling.  First, how long is the repair going to take?  If it is a door ding with relatively easy access and under an inch, you’re probably looking at about an hour repair time.  If your dent is on the larger side, or requires removing panels for access, or mounting you’re probably looking at a repair that will take a half day  or even all day.  We do make sure you’re aware of time  expectancy when we provide your estimate.  Next, we’ll ask you if you plan to wait on your repair or if you are going to drop your vehicle off and pick it up at a later time.  If we have someone waiting on their repair, we do not schedule other waiting customers during the same time. If your repair is going to take longer than 2 hours, we recommend that you drop off and pick up later.  You are welcome to wait if you need to, or don’t have another vehicle or ride.  While there is no safe walking from our shop, we are in Robinson with has a plethora of shopping and a great mall nearby. Check out the Robinson Mall or Robinson Towne Center  Uber is often used, and sometimes we can give a ride to the mall so you can wait there while we repair your car or truck.  There are great places to eat, many of our customers come and make a day of it.  We recommend Plaza Azteca if you’re in the mood for Mexican, and you can never go wrong with Primanti Bros.  and if your looking for something for lunch, Panera is always a safe bet.

Some of our clients who wait on their repairs bring their work with them.  We have a very clean, well lit waiting area, and wi-fi for you to use.  We’ve had customers work from our shop for hours if need be.  Some clients enjoy watching us work!  We welcome that!  Most people are amazed at how we can move metal with our tools to restore your car or truck!  We welcome questions from our clients as well.  We enjoy teaching people about what we do!

Some repairs can take more than one day to complete.  If that ends up being the case, we have you drop off your vehicle
at the designated time  and day to our shop.  We also have a night drop available if it’s easier for you to get a ride or drop off after hours.

Our shop is located 4699 Campbells Run Road Pittsburgh Pa, 15205. That’s right next to I376 (The Parkway) just off of the Campbells Run Road exit if you’re coming from I79 or Downtown Pittsburgh. If you’re coming from the airport area you have to use the Ridge Road exit and then turn right on to Campbells Run Road. 

If you’d like to fill out a form and have us call you with an estimate, you can click here to do that:

If you’re just not sure which direction to go, you can always call us at (724)554-1756 and we are happy to help you out and guide you.  Our goal is to make the repair process as efficient and painless as possible.


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