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Here are some of the most often asked questions.

Door Dents, Mobile Dent Repair, Dent Removal and much more.

It is almost unheard of for a dent to “pop” completely out. In fact pushing on or pulling on a dent incorrectly can actually make the dent nearly impossible for us to repair. There is a proper technique to PDR and doing things in the incorrect order can make a good repair impossible.  Please leave the dent “popping” to us.

This is sort of an old wives tale. When vehicles were made out of heave grade steel, body men could use a combination of extreme heat followed by extreme cold to actually shrink metal. Modern vehicles are made with a much lighter, thinner steel. The same approach of old would now result in extreme distortion of the panel. There are videos on youtube that show people using hair dryers and canned air to make dents pop out. I have never seen a dent that even looked remotely gone in one of these videos, and the worst part is they run a very high risk of causing permanent damage to the paint on the vehicle. The quick contraction of the paint can actually cause the paint to crack or lose adhesion.

No. Not every dent can be repaired using PDR. Some of the limitations include: Dents that can not be accessed, dents on the edge of a panel where the metal can be 2-3 times thicker, extremely sharp dents where the metal has been stretched beyond repair. In some cases, dents that also have paint damage are best repaired conventionally because a PDR repair could make the paint damage worse. However, many times those dents can be repaired using PDR with a minor paint touch up afterward.

PDR is actually the preferred method of most insurance companies. (We work with all insurance companies)  Choosing PDR to repair hail damage is more cost effective, faster and helps to keep the value of your vehicle up as versus a conventional repair. In extreme cases we will utilize PDR to repair all of the panels that we can and then your car will be repaired the rest of the way by a conventional body shop. (We work with many local body shops)

Door dings can be as little as half an hour. More complex dents generally take anywhere from 1-3 hours per dent. Hail damage can really vary, the absolute minimum would be 1 full day with the vehicle staying overnight, or in extreme cases involving the replacement or refinishing of some panels up to several days.

We strongly urge you to not try repairing the dent on your own. The kits that are for sale on TV and at some retail stores are based on hot melt adhesives. The learning curve on using glue to repair a dent is almost as long as learning to repair using the tools that we have. Not to mention the quality of the kit you can buy looks like a toy when compared to the professional systems that we have in our tool boxes.  Just as we mentioned above, working a dent in the wrong way can make it impossible to repair.

We stand behind our repair 100%. If you’re not happy you don’t pay! We are fully insured, to protect you and your vehicle. If your dent was repaired correctly, there is no way that the dent will just pop back in. If you bend a piece of metal it will never straighten itself out and likewise if you unbend a piece of metal it will never just go back to being bent.

Gene, our owner started doing PDR in 2002. The crew of technicians that we work with have a combined experience of nearly 50 years!


Door Dents, Mobile Dent Repair, Dent Removal Repairs

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