Large Crease Repaired on a 2014 Chevy Silverado

In this video we will show you a before and after of a large crease on the door of a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado. The owner was out during a severe storm, stopped at a gas station, and as he opened the door a gust of wind caught it and bounced the door off of one of the large yellow poles that are made to protect the gas pumps. As most people do, he first visited a conventional body shop. That shop wanted to replace the outer skin of the door, this involves cutting the entire piece of metal that you see when you are looking at the outside of the door off.


Then a new skin is glued to the door frame, folded and crimped on, then painted. A repair like this also will require the shop to blend the color to the adjacent panels to ensure a proper color match, That would mean that the drivers door, drivers rear door and the drivers fender would all need to be refinished. This is when the owner searched for a paintless dent repair company and found us. We looked at the job and determined that we could make a great repair for him. He decided that he was going to make an insurance claim to cover the repairs and we let him know that we work with all insurance companies and would be happy to oblige. The insurance company sent an adjuster out to survey the damage and assess what needed to be done. The adjust then contacted us and we began discussing the possible options. He was concerned about using paintless dent removal because he had not come across a technician that was capable of this type of repair. I assured him that we could certainly make a great repair on the door. The approach the insurance company wanted to take was to not replace the door skin, but rather they wanted to do a conventional repair which would involve pulling and hammering the dent to a level where they could use body plastics and fillers. This would also have resulted in the need to refinish both driver side doors. The customer was definitely not interested in this type of repair. We worked with and discussed the best options for the vehicle and vehicle owner and decided to make a paintless repair. Take a look at the video for the before and after of the damage.

Here is what the owner had to say about us.

Make sure that you reach out to a qualified PDR technician before you decide on what type of repair is best for your vehicle. Paintless dent repair isn\’t just for door dings anymore. Dent Repair Now is Pittsburgh\’s choice for large complex dent repair.

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