Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Spring is here!  The long awaited, much anticipated, most looked forward to time is upon us!!  It’s time to get those motorcycles out of storage, uncovered, shined up and on the road!!!  What’s that??  A DENT?!?!  Maybe you know exactly how that got there.  Maybe it happened last season and you planned to get it repaired but didn’t have time.  Maybe you have no idea what happened.  No matter the situation, you do not want to be out on the road with your otherwise perfect motorcycle, and have others see this ding that draws attention away from the beautiful paint job or graphics.  Maybe you’re so particular about the way your bike looks that it’s making you physically ill knowing it has a blemish on it.  We Can Help!!  Dent Repair Now is the leading motorcycle tank paintless dent repair shop in the Tri-state area.  We have trained and certified technicians who are not afraid to give it all they’ve got and think outside the box to make sure your ride is ready and looking good. We know that motorcycles are more than just a means of transportation; they are a passion for many riders who value their aesthetics and performance. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and motorcycle tanks can often sustain unsightly dents. In the past, repairing these dents required extensive and costly procedures that involved repainting the tank.

Paintless dent repair has revolutionized the way motorcycle tanks are repaired. It offers motorcycle owners a cost-effective, time-efficient, and environmentally friendly option for repair. By preserving the original paint, retaining structural integrity, and providing a seamless repair, paintless dent repair ensures that motorcycle tanks regain their aesthetic appeal without compromising their value. When paintless dent repair is an option, it is the BEST option.  Paintless dent repair is a technique used to remove dents from vehicle body panels, including motorcycle tanks, without the need for repainting. Paintless dent repair relies on specialized tools, techniques, and the skill of a trained, experienced professional to restore the damaged area to its original shape, leaving the paint intact. As advances in capability and technique continue to advance, riders can rest assured that their beloved machines can be restored to their former glory, free from unsightly dents.



There are many advantages of paintless dent repair for motorcycle tanks.

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Paintless dent repair can be more affordable compared to traditional dent repair methods that involve sanding, filling, and repainting. By avoiding the need to repaint the entire tank, motorcycle owners can save a considerable amount of money on materials and labor costs. Moreover, paintless dent repair eliminates the need for color matching, reducing the risk of slight variations in paint tone between the repaired area and the rest of the tank.
  2. Time-efficient: Traditional dent repair methods often require several days to complete, as they involve multiple steps such as sanding, priming, and painting. In contrast, paintless dent repair is a quicker process since it focuses solely on reshaping the dent without affecting the paint layer. Depending on the severity of the damage, a skilled paintless dent repair technician can complete the repair within a few hours, allowing riders to get back on the road sooner.
  3. Preserves original paint: One of the primary advantages of paintless dent repair for motorcycle tanks is that it preserves the original factory paint finish. Maintaining the original paint is essential for maintaining the bike’s value and aesthetic appeal. Unlike repainting, which may result in slight color discrepancies and diminish the bike’s authenticity, paintless dent repair ensures a seamless repair that is virtually undetectable to the naked eye.
  4. Environmentally friendly: Repainting a motorcycle tank involves the use of solvents, primers, and paints, which can release harmful chemicals into the environment. PDR eliminates the need for these hazardous substances, making it a more eco-friendly alternative. By choosing paintless dent repair, motorcycle owners can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. (We have more information on Paintless Dent Repair being eco-friendly, click here to read that article.)
  5. Retains structural integrity: When a motorcycle tank is dented, its structural integrity can be compromised. Traditional repair methods may involve heating or sanding the damaged area, which can weaken the metal. Paintless dent repair, on the other hand, does not require any intrusive procedures that could compromise the tank’s strength. By gently massaging and reshaping the dent, PDR technicians can restore the tank’s original strength and rigidity.

If you find a dented area on your bike tank, you can reach out to us through our website at You can email us at or fill out a form.  Be sure to include pictures of your tank, the dent, and the filler neck.  You can call us (724-607-8980) and text pictures of the damage.  What we are looking for in photographs is to see where the dent is in relation to the filler lid. We use the filler neck to access the inside of the tank and have leverage to slowly push that metal back to its original space.  If there is a fuel injection system, that will have to be removed as well.  When you’ve sent us pictures, we will prepare an estimate and get back to you quickly. Generally speaking, most bike tank estimates run anywhere from $250 to $500. We do require that the tank is removed and drained before repair.  We mount the tank on a standto hold it securely and safely while we maneuver our tools inside the tank.  If we try to repair a tank while still on the bike, there is significantly less leverage and the risk of dropping the bike is huge.  This is why we require the tank only.

We have multiple videos on our YouTube Channel showing all kinds of repairs on cars, trucks, and bike tanks.  Watch this videoand be amazed at some of the work our technicians have done!  Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to get notifications on new videos!
You can also stop for an in-person damage assessment at our shop located at 2603 Washington Rd, Unit 3, Canonsburg, PA 15317.  Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5 PM.  You don’t need an appointment to stop in, however, we do recommend calling first to be sure there is a technician there and available to give you the attention you deserve! We do not provide mobile services for bike tanks.  They must be brought to the shop. (We’ve even had clients ship them to us from California and Georgia for repair!) Depending on your circumstance, turn-around time can go anywhere from a few hours to a week depending on how busy the shop is.  We will make sure our customers have an idea on the time frame when scheduling your repair.
If you have a bike tank with a dent, (or any dent, ding, or damage to your vehicle) Please feel free to contact us at 724-607-8980.  You can text that number as well.  You can fill out a form on our website and download pictures.  We will prepare an estimate and contact you the same business day or if it is after hours, the following business day.
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