If you love history and a visit to Ambridge is on your list, Old Economy Village in Ambridge, Pennsylvania may be the place for you. Located at 270 16th St, Ambridge, PA 15003. This historic settlement, surrounded by downtown Ambridge, is administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. For more information about Old Economy Village Ambridge PA, read on. We’ve compiled some useful tips for you. Read on to find out how to spend a day at Old Economy Village Ambridge PA.


The town of Ambridge, Pennsylvania, has a six-acre historical village that dates back to the mid-1700s. The Harmonists were the first settlers, and the buildings still reflect the influence of their beliefs and ways of life. Visitors to the village can observe their heritage through a variety of displays, including crafts and sacred spaces. Visitors will also have the opportunity to taste local cuisine, listen to live music, and take in historic architecture.


The original home of the Harmonists, a Christian communal society that flourished in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, from 1805 until the early 1900s, is located in the village. The Harmonists were known for their piety and industrial prosperity. After a short period in Indiana, the Harmonists decided to return to Pennsylvania. They sold their community to Robert Owen, who renamed it New Harmony. Today, visitors to the Harmonists’ old house can learn about their life and culture through educational programs and tours.


The village is a treasure of historic buildings. The historic houses here are filled with the furnishings of the community, including the 32-room Great House, Feast Hall, Grotto in the Gardens, wine cellars, and five-story granary. The old economy village is a 6.5-acre site that’s open to the public for tours, festivals, and rentals. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission oversees the village, which is one of the most significant historic sites in the area.


The town of Ambridge, PA, is a wonderful place to spend the holidays. Old Economy Village is located on the banks of the Ohio River, and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission administers it. Old Economy Village offers plenty of holiday cheer and festive events. This year’s event features a variety of entertainment. On December 4, the village will host a Christmas in the Village event. The holiday festival will take place from 2pm to 9pm.


The Harmony Society was formed in 1805, and settled in the area. From 1805 to 1824, the town was called Economy. It was a prosperous community with a clothing factory, a distillery, and a vineyard. The community also had a hotel. Unlike many other Pennsylvania towns, Old Economy Village has preserved its heritage. The community is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For more information on this historic town, please visit the Old Economy Village Ambridge PA website.


If you have the time to visit Old Economy Village, don’t miss its museum. Designed to educate visitors about the history of the village, the museum displays historical artifacts and a wealth of information. A tour of Old Economy Village will take about 60 to 75 minutes and will include a museum visit. You will start at the visitor center and walk about two blocks to the main portion of the village. Along the way, you’ll see buildings that were once associated with Harmonists, but have since become private homes and businesses. Next article. 

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