Pittsburgh Pa Hailstorm and Paintless Dent Repair

Most people don’t wonder “What if there’s a hailstorm that damages my car?”……until a hailstorm hits and damages your car.  What’s the old adage? You don’t know what you don’t know until you know.  Most people are completely unaware of what to do, what options they have, or who to talk to when a disaster strikes.  We here at Dent Repair Now feel it is our obligation to share our experience and knowledge so that when the time comes, you will be prepared!  We have put together a series of six articles detailing the entire process from start to finish concerning hail damage and the repair of your vehicle.  


In Article One, we begin with a few facts about hail, and the damage it can cause. We go over some important first steps, and then explain the importance of opening a claim with your insurance company.


In Article Two, we get into the next step of the process which is getting your car scheduled for repair and an official assessment from the repairing company you have chosen.  We go over a list of terminology and abbreviations you may see on your estimate, so you are clear on what everything means.


Article Three discusses the importance of doing your research on choosing the repair facility most qualified to provide you with the best repair possible. We give the reader pointers on what to do and what to expect when you bring your vehicle to us.  We go over in detail what our process for assessing your damage with the most thorough estimate and documentation. We go a little more in depth to explain the software we use to estimate and price your repair. We explain factors that can make your repair more difficult and costly. We also discuss supplements, what they are, why they are most always necessary, and what that means for you, the customer.


In the next article in the series, number Four, we start by explaining the breakdown (teardown) of your car to prepare it for repair.  We go over panels that may need removed or taken apart so the technicians can begin removing the dents.  We go over the methods of repair, pushing, tapping, glue pulling, and describe each. There are many pictures and a video in this article that make the process more clear because you can see it.


Article Five explains in great detail what the process is when paintless dent repair is not able to repair all parts of the vehicle, so we work in tandem with a body shop to complete the repair.  We discuss the difference between paintless dent repair and body shop repairs, why both may be necessary, and how we do everything we can to keep it simple and timely for you. We wrap that up with you picking up your car or truck in pre storm condition!


In the final article, Part 6 we provide a short Q&A section, links to the previous articles, and some information about what it takes to be a great paintless dent repair technician.  All of our articles include links to our website Dentrepairnow.com and our contact information.  You can reach us at 724-554-1756 or email us at info@dentrepairnow.com

We are located in the Robinson area of Pittsburgh, Pa and service the tri-state area.  You can research us on our YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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