Welcome back!  I’m glad you decided to continue reading this article!  If you didn’t already read part 1, you can do that here.  Let’s Recap:  In a moment of brilliance, I got the idea to spin Guy Fieri’s show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives into DINGS! DENTS! AND DAMAGE!   In part one, we went over the most common causes of dents in your car.  Then we went over the different types of dents.  Then , we put them into categories of dings, dents, and damage.  Now you’re here and we are going to pick up right where we left off.   

Let’s discuss how all this information relates to paintless dent repair. Size is generally not a contributing factor in whether a vehicle repair is a candidate for paintless dent repair.  (Read our blog article on “Does Size Matter” for more details about that aspect.)  The three most important factors that determine whether a paintless dent repair is an option are the severity of the dent, the type of dent, and location! Location! Location! 

Dents located on an easily accessible panel, such as the upper door or fender, are generally easier to repair than those that are located on a quarter panel or even the roof or hood.  The accessibility of the dent can also determine the tools and techniques we will use to repair it.  Speaking of severity, we’ve had some real doozies come in for estimates.  These would be considered the wall of “NOPE….YOU NEED A BODYSHOP.”



Unfortunately, we were unable to help these potential clients with a repair, but we do have some recommendations when it comes to body shops.  We have worked in tandem with Opeka and they have 3 locations in the Canonsburg, McMurray and Upper St. Clair areas.  Ross Paint and Body also does great work.  

The type and severity of damage is another critical factor that our technicians will consider when preparing estimates and a plan of action. For example, a dent that has resulted in a crease or has sharp edges will require a different approach than a simple round dent. Similarly, a dent that has damaged the paint or caused a scratch will require additional steps to restore the vehicle to its original condition.  While paintless dent repair can fix many dents and dings, it may not be suitable for severe damage caused by a collision. In such cases, it may be necessary to use additional methods, such as traditional auto body repair techniques or replacement parts. How will you know if it your vehicle is a candidate for paintless dent repair?  I’m glad you asked!  We offer many options for you to choose from.  You can call or text us at 724-554-1756.  Texting pictures of the panel you need repaired is a great starting point. If you’re not sure how to take a good picture, watch this short clip we put together.



We will need to know the year and model of your car or truck as well.  If you want to check out our reviews, and our work, you can visit us on our website. Want to fill out a form with your information and some pictures of your ding, dent, or damage? You can do that!  If you are more of a face-to-face kind of guy or gal, you can stop at our shop located at 4699 Campbells Run Road Pittsburgh Pa 15205.  We are right off of the Parkway at the Campbells Run exit, between Snyder Bros. and Bishops Diner. You do not need an appointment to stop in, but we do recommend calling first to be sure we have a technician available for you.  We also have a blog post detailing how to get the most accurate estimate that you can read and should answer any questions you may have.  

If you’re not familiar with us or with paintless dent repair, let me introduce you to Dent Repair Now.   

 Paintless dent rep air is an intricate process that requires skill and precision. Our trained and certified technicians use specialized tools to massage the damaged metal and remove the dent from the surface of the car.  Our first option is to access the damage from behind, slowly working the metal back into its original position. If the panel is inaccessible, we will use glue and specific tabs to pull the metal from the outside. While there is always risk when pulling on the paint, we take every precaution not to damage the paint.  We have a pretty great success record with glue pulling.  We have a very informative article on our blog detailing how we repair dents.  You can read it HERE or you can watch this repair our owner, Gene Fetty did on a 2016 Land Rover using glue.   

The technician must use the right amount of pressure and have a keen eye for detail to ensure that the repair is seamless and undetectable. When our clients understand these factors, they are confident in their decision to have us repair their vehicles.  If you have dings, dents, or other damage to your vehicle, consider seeking us out! We would be happy to take a look at your car, truck, or SUV and give you a free assessment and estimate.  If we can’t fix it, we’ll let you know.   Our number one priority is you, our client.  Our goal, is to keep you out of the body shop but providing the best complete repair that is as good as or better than the body shop.  If you’re asking yourself “what is the difference between a paintless dent repair and a body shop repair?” you should watch this video explaining just that. Paintless dent repair is a non-invasive repair, that leaves your paint and door panel the same as it was when you purchased your car or truck.  It will maintain the value of your car, requires no Carfax, and most times can be done in one day so the time you don’t have your car is less than with a body shop repair. We are certainly not knocking down a body shop repair, but when paintless dent repair is an option, we think it is the best option, for us, for you, and your vehicle.

If you are not local to Southwestern Pittsburgh Pa and the Tri-State area, be sure to do your due diligence by finding an experienced, professional technician. We always recommend not only using google to find local service providers, but also look at their reviews.  How long have they been in business?  Do they treat you with respect?  Are they honest and stand behind their work?  What guarantee do they offer?  All of these answers will tell you exactly what you need to know before you trust someone with your car.  Our guarantee:  If You’re Not Happy, You Don’t Pay


In 20 years of being in business, we have only had one customer come back and say he was not impressed and wanted his money back.  We did give it back to him, and never heard from him again.  We stand behind our work 100%.  We are waiting to talk with you and answer any questions you still have.  Feel free to reach out 724-554-1756 or email us at info@dentrepairnow.com

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