What Do I DO? My Car has hail damage.

We wanted to make a post to help everyone in dealing with damage to their car from a hail storm. Wicked thunderstorms, golf ball size hail stones falling from the sky and beating the daylights out of your car. Your precious car is now covered in dents, OMG what do you do now, it\’s ruined. Well we have some good news for you. Most people have a car loan which also means that you have full coverage on your auto insurance. If you have full coverage, that means that you have comprehensive coverage.

Sometimes people even carry comprehensive coverage in addition to just liability on some less expensive or paid for cars. Hail damage is considered to be an act of God and therefore is not your fault and can\’t be held against you. The first thing to do when you have hail damage on your car is to initiate a claim with your insurance company, especially if there is a big hail event the wait to see an adjuster can be very long. The sooner you can get on the list the better. You can also contact us for a thorough estimate, we have multiple locations around the Pittsburgh area. Once the claim is initiated and your vehicle has been given the go ahead for repair we can get you scheduled in and return your vehicle to it\’s original dent free appearance.

Keep in mind that your insurance company is not allowed to tell you where you have to have your vehicle repaired. They will occasionally try to direct you to one of their preferred shops but ultimately the decision is entirely up to you. If you want your vehicle to be repaired by us but you also want the comfort of using a preferred shop through your insurance company we can more than likely accommodate you through one of the many local body shops that we work with. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you with your claim in any way we can.

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