Will a Dent Come Back After a Paintless Dent Repair?

In the paintless dent repair industry, we are often asked if the dent will come back? So, to address that…..please read on.   First, for those of you who are not familiar with paintless dent repair, let’s explain.  Paintless dent repair is a process of removing small or larger dents from the body of a car without the need for any sanding, putty, or repainting. This is done by gently pushing and manipulating the metal from behind the panel, restoring it to its original shape. You can watch this short video to learn more. 

While it is a highly effective method of dent removal, the question remains: will the dent come back after a paintless dent repair?

The short answer is no, the dent will not come back after a paintless dent repair.   The key is to have the process done correctly. The repair process involves highly skilled, trained technicians using specialized tools to manipulate the metal back into its original shape.    The metal is gently pushed and massaged until it returns to its original form, making the repaired area look like it was never damaged.  Maybe you’ve heard the term “Metal Memory”? Metal memory is the tendency of metal to want to return to its original shape as the technician slowly releases any buckles or creases in the panel. This does not mean the dent will “pop out” It still requires finesse and patience to smooth out even the smallest of dents.  A one-inch dent can require 100 or more pushes to completely remove it.   Most modern vehicles are made with metal body panels that can be repaired with PDR.  What other metals are body panels made of?  I’m glad you asked!  If you are the proud owner of a 2015 or newer Ford F-150, you know your truck is an all-aluminum body.  Many of the newer models of both cars and trucks have aluminum hoods, and door panels as well.  Can we fix aluminum panels?  Yes, they can be repaired using paintless dent repair techniques, however not everyone is skilled enough to do so. (If your panel needs repaired and is aluminum…before you let anyone touch it, make sure they are experienced in aluminum repairs!  Don’t be afraid to ask.) Aluminum does not have metal memory.  It is much more difficult to massage back into place.  Because it takes more time, and experience to repair, it also will increase the cost of your repair.  Here are two videos that will explain more.  The first one is a repair on an aluminum panel.  the second video is to show you how to tell if your panel is aluminum or steel.

While the dent will not “Come Back”, there are some scenarios where the dent may not go completely away.  If the dent was caused by a collision or impact, and the metal has been stretched, (think of a sweater hanging on a hanger…it can stretch the fibers and leave a small hump on your shoulder…metal can be stretched in the same fashion.)  a paintless dent repair may not be the best option and quite possibly might not be an option at all.  In instances where the metal has been stretched beyond repair capacity, a body shop may be the be the only option. The metal may need to be cut and welded back into shape, followed by repainting or a new panel all together might be the best route depending on your insurance and out of pocket expense.

Another scenario where a dent may not be 100% gone after a paintless dent repair is if the repair process was not done correctly.  Here’s a video our owner, Gene Fetty, working hard to not only fix a customer’s dent, but to fix further damage caused by a
technician (Not one of our guys!!) who was not properly trained.   If the technician does not move the metal just right or doesn’t properly inspect the area after the repair, remnants of the damage can still be visible.   Even if you have to put your cheek on a quarter panel and look down the side of your car to see it. This is the reason why it is Crucial to choose a reputable and experienced paintless dent repair service to ensure that the repair is done correctly.

Online reviews are a huge help to customers, no matter the business or industry.  Word of mouth is a great way to find someone
you may (or may not) want to work on your car or truck.   You can see some of our reviews from our website here.

Here is the link to our website and a short video if you’d like to learn more about Dent Repair Now

Another great way to check out the facility or technicians is stopping in to have them take a look in person at the damage on your car.  Our shop is located at 2603 Washington Road, Unit 3, Canonsburg, PA 15317.  While you do not have to have an appointment to stop in, we do recommend calling first.  We want to be sure a technician is there and available to you their full attention.  If you are just driving by, and the OPEN sign is lit, stop on in!  We enjoy talking with potential customers and answering their questions.  If you’d rather read more about the process, we have 2 other articles you may find interesting.  If you want to know how to get the best most accurate estimate, read this article.  If you’d like to know more about an actual repair, this article will help you out.  And for those of you who prefer visual learning, our YouTube Channel has plenty of videos to watch and show you who we are, and how we work.

So, the answer to the question at the beginning of this article, do dents come back after being repaired using the paintless dent repair technique is a resounding NO!   The dent does not come back.  When the repair process is done correctly, and the metal has not been stretched beyond its limits the dent you came in with no longer exists.  Don’t forget, it is essential to choose a reputable and experienced paintless dent repair company to ensure that the repair is done correctly and that the repaired area is free from damage.

You can reach out to us for an estimate, to schedule a repair, or if you have any questions you’d like answered before you jump into the fantastic world of Paintless Dent Repair.  Our number is 724-607-8980, and our hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.  You can also fill out a short form on our website and we will give you a call.

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