Will I Be Able To See Where The Dent Was After Paintless Dent Repair?


If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of a car dent, you may have considered paintless dent repair as a solution. Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a process where dents are removed from a vehicle without damaging the paint. Instead of using traditional auto body techniques that require sanding, filling, and repainting, PDR involves manipulating the metal back to its original shape using specialized tools. One of the biggest benefits of paintless dent repair is that it maintains the original factory paint job, which is crucial for preserving the value of your car or truck. Since there is no need to sand, fill, or paint, a paintless dent repair can be completed quickly and is often the better option. Watch this video if you’d like to learn more about the differences between what we do, and what a body shop does.   This is a significant advantage for people who want to repair their vehicles without losing the value of their vehicle, or having it tied up in a body shop for a week or more.  Paintless dent repair is typically used for minor dents and dings caused by things like hail, minor collisions, or parking lot mishaps but can definitely be an option for larger damage like low impact collision, or deer hits.   This technique has become increasingly popular in recent years as it can be an efficient and better alternative to traditional auto body repair. However, a common question that arises is whether or not the dent will still be visible after the repair. The short answer?  “No” The long answer is “that it depends on several factors, such as the severity of the dent and the skill of the technician performing the repair.” Just as every dent is different, the same goes for technicians. They are not all created equal. Always be sure to do your due diligence when choosing who to work on your car or truck. Check out their reviews!  Other people’s experiences are the greatest indicator of a reputable repair facility. 
 The number one goal of Paintless Dent Repair, and our company Dent Repair Now, is to completely remove the damage from your car or truck so that there’s no trace of any dents or that a repair even took place.  When we are looking at small door dings and dents, we can repair those to an inconceivable level.  When we are looking at larger, more severe damage, our goal is to provide a repair that is as good as or better than a body shop repair.  Once your repair is complete, the metal where the dent was is put back to its original place and is as strong as it was when it left the factory!  Our pricing is aimed at a 100% perfect repair. The visibility of a dent after a paintless dent removal depends on several factors, including the size, depth, and location of the dent. For example, a small dent on a flat surface may be virtually invisible after PDR. However, a larger dent that is located on a curved surface may still be noticeable after the repair, especially if the paint is damaged. Additionally, if the paint is already chipped or scratched before the PDR, it may be more difficult to make the repair invisible. An equally important factor that will affect you being able to see where the damage was after your repair is the skill of the technician performing the repair. PDR requires a high level of expertise and precision, and not all technicians have the same level of skill. A highly skilled technician with years of experience will likely be able to make the repair virtually undetectable, whereas a less experienced technician may leave behind some visible evidence of the repair.  You can see our reviews on our website.  Our technicians have a combined experience of over 40 years, and they are still growing, learning and honing their skills. 

There are cases where the damage is just over the line of being able to be repaired 100%.  When that happens, we move to a “Make It Better” repair.  So many times, our customers have cars that are more than say 5 or 6 years old, well kept, and the damage is driving them crazy.  In these cases, we can dial back the price to coincide with the repair being say 80%-90%.  Will you be able to see that dent after repair?  Probably not.  Unless you press your cheek to the panel and look straight down the side of your vehicle. 


Then there are the cases where the vehicle is older, maybe a work truck, but with a larger unsightly dent.  Someone who doesn’t want to put money into a “showroom repair” but wants the big ugly dent straightened out.  Most times, we can accomplish that!!  This was a “make it better” repair that our customer was really pleased with.  

I think it all boils down to this:  Once we confirm that the damage to your vehicle is a candidate for paintless dent repair, then establish what your expectation is, we will put all we have into reaching that goal! For our study bugs, we have an in-depth
article on how to get the most accurate estimate.  You can read it by clicking HERE. There are times when paintless dent removal is not the best option.  We are not afraid to tell you that as well!  We will point you in the right direction!

Please feel free to reach out to us and let us take a look at your damage.  We can help you decide if paintless dent repair is the right way to go, or if a body shop is best option.    You can fill out the form on our website or text us photos of your damage to 724-607-8980 and we will be in touch to see how we can help you. If you’re not confident we can see the damage in a photo, take a minute to watch the short video we put together with four easy steps. 


You can also stop for an in-person damage assessment at our shop located at 2603 Washington Rd, Unit 3, Canonsburg, PA 15317.  Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5 PM.  You don’t need an appointment to stop in, however, we do recommend calling first to be sure there is a technician there and available to give you the attention you deserve!

For more information, you can check out our website Dent Repair Now.




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