Deep Door Dent Repaired in Pittsburgh, PA on a Honda HRV

One of our  most recent repair job involved a 2016 Honda HRV that came in with a sharp deep dent on the driver’s rear side door. It was sized at about 3-4 inches and went right through the body line towards the top of the door. The dent continued to the bottom of that and ended in a sharp point. According to the client, the damage was caused by another car’s door that was opened straight into the side of her car at Walmart. The lower portion of the ding was rather deep which made for a difficult repair job and the scratches around it made it difficult to properly see the repair work. But, thanks to the technician’s expertise, the dent was removed using a 100% paintless approach and the scratches were polished out quite cleanly. As described earlier, Dent Repair Now stands out from its competitors and this is a clear example of it. The Honda HRV owner drove in from Brownsville, PA and had his repair done at the Dent Repair Now shop on CampbellsRun Road, in Pittsburgh which is about 45 minutes away from his Brownsville. 

There are a few things that customers should be aware of when looking to repair a dented car with damage similar to this, which could be the difference between retaining the original look of the car and spending a lot on a paint job. In this example, the paint damage on the Honda was quite minimal, which would required nothing more than a good polishing or some touch up. Another important thing is the exact location of the damage which helps technicians find a way in quicker. In this case, the dent was high up on the door and allowed technicians to get to it from two points. Lastly, when a you have damage that you think may be a candidate for paintless dent removal you should always consult a paintless company or technician directly. There are a lot of traditional body shops that just don’t understand what is possible with qualified paintlesss dent technicians. 

For any assistance on dent repair on a Honda HRV or any other vehicle, Dent Repair Now is definitely the place you want to visit. You can call or text us at 724-554-1756, stop and visit us at 4699 Campbells Run Road Pittsburgh, PA 15205, or check out other repairs and find out more about paintless dent repair at WWW.DENTREPAIRNOW.COM.


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