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We are proud to now be certified installers of paint protection film from Premium Shield an Eastman (formerly Eastman Kodak) company. The Premium Shield film looks amazing and not only offers incredible resistance to stone chips and scratching, it also actually enhances the appearance of most paint. Of course just like everything we offer here at Dent Repair Now you get our 100% Great Service Guarantee plus a lifetime warranty from Premium Shield on your PPF investment. 

Watch the video to learn more and see just how tough our Paint Protection Film is!

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What is Paint Protection Film, and what does it do?

Paint Protection Film or PPF for short is a heavy duty urethane film that protects surfaces from rock or stone chips, scratches, or even key marks or scrapes.

Is There a Warranty on Paint Protection Film?

Absolutely! The films we install comes with either a lifetime warranty or a 10 year warranty based on the film you buy. 

Can you see the film on the car?

The film is not invisible although the clear gloss film is completely transparent there is always some evidence of the install. When a partial panel is covered there is a very minimal line visible where the film ends. When we cover an entire panel we try to wrap the film around the edge, this makes for as invisible install as possible. When a wrap kit is not an option we work to leave the edges of the film as close to the edge of the panel as possible to help camouflage  the edge as much as possible.

Is the installation permanent?

The film will be permanent as long as you want it to be or as long as the warranty is. The high quality films we use can be removed without paint damage on factory paint, and most likely removed without harm even on a panel that has been refinished. Say something happens to your bumper like someone backing into it and causing damage to the film, you can remove the film and possibly completely avoid needing to have the panel repaired, and then have new film applied. 

What coverage options are available?

We have a variety of options for PPF coverage.

Starting with a wear and tear package we will cover the front portion of your hood, mirrors, a pillars, and roof.

From there we can increase coverage on the hood (a wider film), extend the coverage to the fronts of the fender and the front bumper.

The next level moves into covering the entire hood, and fenders in addition to the front bumper.

With all of these kits we can also protect the door cups (behind the door handles) door edges, and the top of the rear bumper. For the most protection on most vehicles we can cover 100% of the painted surfaces. 

What does self healing mean?

The finish or topcoat on our self healing film is just that. With the heat of the sun minor scratches and indentations will simply, almost magically disappear. This keeps the film looking as close to the day you picked it up as possible. 

How long does an install take?

Installation can be as short as half a day for our wear and tear packages and up to 3 days for a full front end installation. For a full vehicle install times are based on each individual vehicle.  For all of our installs we want to be 100% sure the film is dry and that all of the edges are completely sealed down. 

I have a couple stone chips on the car, can you install PPF on top of that?

We always recommend having film installed as soon as you can when buying a new vehicle. That being said we understand that chips happen. We can install over top of the stone chips or even a minor scratch. We can touch up the paint before hand to help minimize the flaw on the panel. The film will have a small flaw where the chip is, as it will not conform down into those small imperfections.  Our philosophy is that you already have a flaw on the paint so you are better off to get the film on and protect the rest of the paint than to leave (what presumably is a chip prone paint) unprotected . 

My car was repainted, can you install film on a repainted panel?

We can definitely install film on a refinished panel whether it’s to replace film you already had or to protect that brand new beautiful paint job. Typically paint manufacturers require a 30-45 day cure time before film is applied, the paint needs to fully cure before film is installed. Once your paint is cured we are happy to get the film installed!

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