2019 Dodge Ram Paintless Dent Repair in Pittsburgh Pa

Maybe you saw the video “Short” we posted not too long ago- 

This beautiful truck was hit hard on the bodyline and a lot of paintless dent repair technicians would have said, “NOPE!  That is too sharp and too deep.  It needs body work.”  The technicians at Dent Repair Now specialize in larger, more difficult repairs that other paintless dent repair technicians won’t even try. Denny is a friend of a friend and brought his Ram to us for an assessment to see what we thought.  Our Lead Technician, Dave Fisher, took a look and said it might be tricky and might need heat induction to shrink some of the metal, but it was worth a shot, and he was willing to give it all he’s got.  If you’re not familiar with paintless dent repair, let me explain.  Paintless Dent Repair or paintless dent removal (terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing). Paintless dent repair is a technique that was originally used in the 1940s on the Mercedes Benz assembly line as a way for their workers to remove minor dings without having to take the vehicle off of the assembly line.  Over the years, while the objective has remained the same, the process has certainly evolved and improved allowing technicians to repair larger more severe damage.  Technicians, good ones that is, train for years to hone their skill and skill level.  Gene Fetty, one of the owners of Dent Repair Now says, “You never stop learning.  You never stop adapting to the changing technology and as vehicles are evolving, so must the automotive repair industry with it.”  The process of repair usually starts with rods with specialized tips on them pushing the damaged metal from behind.  The metal is pushed and manipulated back to its original space.  Technicians can also utilize “tap down” tools on the outside of the panel.  The attention to detail and knowing how much force to push requires great strength and skill.  Our goal is to provide our customers with a repair as good or better than a body shop.  We also stand by our Customer Satisfaction Promise:  If You’re Not Happy With Your Repair, You Don’t Pay!!

So when Denny brought his truck in, this is what it looked like.


Dave took a look at the damaged area, measured it, and went over the cost of repair with Denny, and let him know it could be done by the end of the day.  Denny shook his hand and said, “See you later!”

You may be wondering what is the best way to get an estimate?  You have a few options.  We wrote this article titled “What is the Best Way to get an Estimate?”    You can check that out by clicking the link, but I’ll list some of highlights.

A good start is by giving us a call at 724-607-8980.  You will most likely get to talk with Jennifer.  She will need some basic information like your name, phone number and email address.  Then she will need to know the year and model of your vehicle, where on your vehicle the damage is located, and how it happened.  She will want to know if your paint has been damaged as well.  Texting pictures of the damaged panel will help to provide you with an even more accurate estimate.   If you’re not sure about the damage showing up in a picture, or you’re just not sure how to get it at the right angle, we put together a short video explaining how to do that in 4 easy steps!

There are 4 easy steps to taking a quality picture for an estimate.  1.  Start with a clean panel.  2.  Do not take a picture straight on.  Stand at a 45degree angle.  3.   Try to capture a straight line reflection on the panel.  4.  Make sure you’re standing far enough back that we can see where on the panel the dent is located.

Calling and texting pictures are great ways to get an estimate.

Maybe you work in the Robinson area or live nearby and would prefer to have your car or truck seen in person.  Our shop is currently located at 4699 Campbells Run Road Pittsburgh, PA 15205.  (We will be relocating soon!  Keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement!!)   You are more than welcome to stop in the shop (our hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5pm) and have one of our trained technicians take a look at your damage in person and provide you with an accurate cost of repair.  Please make sure your vehicle is clean before you stop in. You can either wipe down the damaged panel or run through a car wash. This is important because our technicians will put a portable light on the panel, so they can clearly see the area of damage.  You do not need an appointment for an estimate. (Unless we are doing a hail estimate.  We do schedule those.) We do recommend calling first, so as to be sure we have someone available to look at your vehicle and provide you with an estimate.  There are times when our technicians are called away to service a dealership or other facility.

Another easy way to get an estimate is to head on over to our website dentrepairnow.com.  You can click Schedule A Repair and fill in your information and even add a couple pictures of the damaged panels.  We will put together an estimate and be in touch.  There is also a Request a call back link and we will give you a call.  No matter which method works best for you, our goal is to make the repair process as easy and stress free as possible for our customers.

When Dave was done with Denny’s truck, it looked like nothing had even happened to it.

Dave did an amazing job on this dent!  He was able to put the metal back in its original space, and was exceptional at reshaping the lines.  We’d love an opportunity to make your car look as good as new too!!  Whether you have a tiny door ding, or a large gnarly monster dent….give us the opportunity to look at it, assess it, and go over your options.  We are the experts you didn’t know you needed.    Follow us on social media for updates, announcements, before and afters of repairs, and other really cool stuff!


















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