Car bumpers are one of the most common areas of a vehicle that sustain damage in the event of an accident or a minor collision. While traditional body repair methods may involve replacing or repainting the entire bumper, paintless dent repair (PDR) has emerged over the last decade or so as a popular alternative.  Let’s save a little time:  Paintless dent repair is not an option for chrome or painted steel bumpers.  Our tools will not move metal bumpers, so any damage is going to require a traditional body shop.

First, it’s important to understand what paintless dent repair is. PDR is a non-invasive method of repairing dents and dings in a car’s panels without the need for painting or filler. Instead, paintless dent repair technicians use specialized tools to gently massage the damaged area back into its original shape, preserving the car’s factory finish.

When it comes to repairing car bumpers with paintless dent repair, the repair can be a bit more complex. The ability to repair a bumper using PDR depends on a number of factors, but the two crucial determining factors are: The material the bumper is made of and the severity of the damage. When it comes to plastic bumpers, the opposite is true as the larger the dent, the better the repair will be.   It is important to note that all bumper repairs are an “IMPROVEMENT ONLY” and NOT a perfect repair.  *If you are looking for perfect, you are going to need a reputable body shop.   Plastic is less malleable than steel or aluminum car panels.  Because of this, a bumper repair is not always an option. If you have a baseball to basketball sized dent in your plastic bumper, and we can get a tool behind it, we can push the dent back out, again, improvement only, not perfect.  It is also important to note that any scratches into the plastic or stretched plastic (black bumpers turn grey on the stretched area) will remain on the bumper, even though the dent is gone.

At Dent Repair Now our trained and experienced technicians take the time to go over your bumper damage and talk with you about your expectations.  This allows us to present options to our customers and answer any questions they might have.  With our specialized tools, we are able to push and move the plastic bumper dent back out.

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When it’s an option, paintless dent repair is a great option to repair bumpers.

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All of our technicians at Dent Repair Now are trained and experienced in what they do.  When you call or stop in, you will get the individual attention you deserve.  Whether you are looking for an estimate, or just have a few questions, it is our goal for you to leave with valuable information that will help you get back on the road with your vehicle as good as new!

DID YOU KNOW? We stand behind our repair 100%. If you’re not happy you don’t pay! We are fully insured, to protect you and your vehicle. If your dent was repaired correctly, there is no way that the dent will just pop back in. If you bend a piece of metal, it will never straighten itself out and likewise if you unbend a piece of metal, it will never just go back to being bent.

DID YOU KNOW?  A high percentage of damage sent to a body shop can be repaired in less time, less invasively, and more cost effectively with paintless dent repair.  Most time, our repairs are completed in one day.   

DID YOU KNOW?  We work with all insurance companies and claims.  Once you have opened a claim with your insurance company, give us a call and we will walk you through the process keeping it as easy as possible for you.  You can read all about it HERE 

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