Door dings happen all the time, but we here at Dent Repair Now understand that when it happens to you, that is a whole other problem!!  Whether it was caused by another car in a parking lot that did not leave a note, your kids jumping out of the car parked in the garage banging your other car, or the wind catches a car door and blows it right into yours.  Door dings can be a real irritation to deal with, but we are here to help!  Paintless dent repair is oftentimes a better option for our customers.

Paintless dent repair is a specialized method of dent removal.  It requires highly trained and experienced technicians and specialized tools with an array of tips (rounded, pointy, flat).  Our goal is to get behind the damage and massage, push, and manipulate the metal back to its original place.  If we can’t get behind the damage, we also have options for pulling from the outside using tabs and specific heated adhesive. This manner of repair means no painting, no filler, a much less invasive method of repair preserving your original factory paint.

At Dent Repair Now our trained and experienced technicians take the time to go over your damage and talk with you about the process, and what you can expect to see after your repair.  This allows us to present options to our customers and answer any questions they might have.

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When it’s an option, paintless dent repair is the best option!  It can save you time without your vehicle, most repairs can be completed in just one day.  Unless we are looking at large or extensive damage, we are usually more cost effective than a traditional body shop, and lastly, because paintless dent repair does not require filling, sanding and paint, it can preserve your original paint, and therefore maintaining your resale or trade in value.

Learn more about how we repair dents and door dings HERE!

All of our technicians at Dent Repair Now are trained and experienced in what they do.  When you call or stop in, you will get the individual attention you deserve.  Whether you are looking for an estimate, or just have a few questions, it is our goal for you to leave with valuable information that will help you get back on the road with your vehicle as good as new!

DID YOU KNOW? We stand behind our repair 100%. If you’re not happy you don’t pay! We are fully insured, to protect you and your vehicle. If your dent was repaired correctly, there is no way that the dent will just pop back in. If you bend a piece of metal, it will never straighten itself out and likewise if you unbend a piece of metal, it will never just go back to being bent.

DID YOU KNOW?  A high percentage of damage sent to a body shop can be repaired in less time, less invasively, and more cost effectively with paintless dent repair.  Most time, our repairs are completed in one day.   

DID YOU KNOW?  We work with all insurance companies and claims.  Once you have opened a claim with your insurance company, give us a call and we will walk you through the process keeping it as easy as possible for you.  You can read all about it HERE 

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