We get this question almost every day.  “Do you take insurance?”  We sure do! depending on the cost of your repair, and your deductible, you can decide whether to pay out of pocket or go through your insurance company.  We are here to help either way.  We can provide you with an accurate estimate of repair once we’ve seen your vehicle in person.  We email it to you right away, and you can send it directly to your insurance company.  If the insurance company comes back with a lower cost of repair, Dent Repair Now will go to bat for you and negotiate with your insurance company to ensure your repair is not handed over to a body shop and repaired with filler, sanding, and paint.  Sometimes, with larger damage, an insurance company will push you to a body shop because it is more cost-effective for them.  We have had many clients who were dead set on not having the damaged panels on their vehicles painted.  We have fought the insurance companies and the majority of the time we are able to meet in the middle and provide our customers with the repair that’s best for them.  We have an in-depth article concerning paintless dent repair and insurance claims you can read HERE

Not quite sure what paintless dent repair is?  Paintless dent repair involves highly skilled and trained technicians to remove door dings, dents, hail damage and even larger dents without the need for any refinishing of the panel.  For most damage we use specialized tools to access the back of the dent and then the metal is pushed and manipulated back to its original place. If we can’t access the back of the dent, we have a whole array of special tabs and specialized hot melt adhesive that lets us work the dent from outside the panel.

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The benefits of paintless dent repair (or removal as some call it) are numerous!  Firstly, most repairs can be completed in just one day, so time without your vehicle is minimal.  Secondly, the repair is less invasive than a body shop, and eliminating the need for filler, paint, and blending will maintain your car’s resale and trade-in value. (Usually by about 20%!!)  Unless we are talking about large damage, our pricing is usually more cost-effective for our customers.  Paintless dent repair offers to save you time, money, and peace of mind.

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Collectively, the technicians of Dent Repair Now have over 50 years of experience and have worked on all kinds of cars from everyday vehicles to luxury, to classics and collectibles.

DID YOU KNOW?   There are several benefits to using paintless dent repair to fix dents in your car. First, it is a much quicker process than traditional body shop repair methods. Since there is no need to sand, fill, or repaint the affected area, the repair can be completed in a fraction of the time.

DID YOU KNOW?  You are allowed to have your car repaired anywhere and you do not have to take it to the shop that your insurance company recommends.  Most of the time when an insurance company recommends a body shop as one of their preferred shops they have negotiated special rates and it is not always in the best interest of the customer.  Those decisions are normally made to financially protect the insurance company’s bottom line. 

DID YOU KNOW?  Depending on your insurance policy and coverage, paintless dent repair can be covered under your comprehensive coverage. This type of insurance is optional coverage to take care of damage not caused by a collision.  For instance, it can cover vandalism, or damage sustained from a storm (i.e., hail, objects flying in the wind, and even acorn damage.) Comprehensive coverage may be required by your lender until your vehicle is paid in full.  It’s definitely one of those things that is better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it for sure.


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